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Dr Marc Dussault Has Applied Exponential Strategies
Across 200 Industries And Empowered More Than
2,000 Business Owners Who Have Created Over
$200 Million In Wealth

Dr Marc DussaultTrained by best selling author and the world's leading success and personal peak perfomance coach, Anthony Robbins, sales and systemisation expert Brian Tracy and marketing genius Jay Abraham, Marc 'triangulates' these three exponential frameworks to Unleash The Exponential Potential that is within you, your business or website.

For over 20 years, Dr Marc Dussault has coached, trained, and consulted for outstanding organisations and achievers from every imaginable domain. Market leaders, business professionals and Olympic athletes, outstanding managers and top performing sales people, top executives, and everyday heroes.

As the Exponential Growth Strategist Marc has designed programs and products is to produce the best results possible for the least amount of time, money and effort.

That means providing training programs, workshops, and, advisory services that dramatically enhance personal and professional outcomes in the areas of sales, motivation, leadership, teamwork, communication and life management skills.

Typically clients achieve results of as much as 300 to 500% within 12 to 36 months. And they do it while working less and enjoying more time away from their business—no phone, no email and no worries.

Used correctly, these strategies have a 100% success rate. Yes, that’s correct: 100%.

Nothing on earth is more valuable to you than the experience of someone who is already producing the results you seek.

If you can gain access to such an elite individual and learn from his or her experience, you will bridge countless cycles of trial and terror in your organisation and performance, compressing decades of experience into days of profound learning.

Dr Marc Dussault isn't simply a business coach working from a cookie-cutter coaching template provided by a mass-market training organisation. He's THE Exponential Growth Strategist with a long list of accomplishments and a wealth of real world experience, including:

  • A college degree in Pure And Applied Sciences. One of the guiding principles Marc uses is the scientific method of testing each and every strategy and tactic deployed. The frameworks he provides are easy-to-use and simple for your to tailor to your specific business.
  • A Bachelor of Engineering. Marc understands how to build systems, taking into consideration constraints, stresses and strains that can not only be monitored, but managed and designed for! Imagine building a business that is designed to be strong enough to withstand the toughest recessions, cut throat competitors and other threats!
  • An Executive MBA Degree. Marc was one of 105 applicants for only 26 places and the 3rd youngest graduate in Canada's #2 MBA program at the time. He attended the province's #1 business school and completed the degree in 2 years. That’s no ordinary MBA.
  • Marc's MBA thesis was published and sold enough copies to completely fund his MBA tuition expenses. It was a 100-year historical review and up-to-date synthesis of the dynamics of technological change predicting the industry’s top 10 future threats - ALL OF WHICH CAME TRUE!
  • Marc obtained a Doctorate in Business Administration, reading more than 700 business books and 3,000 articles, spanning 6 different disciplines. He completed his coursework in a record 18 months and his 500+ page thesis was written and submitted in less than 3 months. (It's all about achieving the best results in the least amount of time and effort!) His areas of research include: Entrepreneurship, Family Business, Decision Making, Stakeholder Analysis, Ecommerce and Internet business models with a multidisciplinary approach.
  • A Post Graduate Law Degree: Marc completed his qualification in a mere 8 months of full time (after hours) study WHILE holding down a full-time job as a National Business Development Manager for a global IT software company – without any of his clients or work colleagues knowing he was ‘back in school’.
  • A Graduate Diploma in Corporate Governance. Marc’s business expertise reaches beyond the small business into the realm of public company governance as a board member and recipient of the Australian Institute Of Company Director’s prestigious Graduate Diploma.
  • Fellow of the Australian Institute Of Management. Reserved for the most experienced and knowledgeable members of the business community, this elite designation further reinforces the level of dedication and commitment Marc has demonstrated in his chosen profession.
  • Subsequently distinguished himself from other academically trained 'experts and gurus' by applying his theoretical learning and tested them across 200 different industries and more than 2,000 businesses. The net result is the creation of more than 2 million new leads that have generated in excess of $200 Million in wealth for the owners of those businesses in the last 20 years. 
  • Winner of a National Sales and Support Award. 
  • Entrepreneur Of The Year Award Finalist in 1995 in the Emergent (High Growth Start Up) Category. 
  • Won 4 of the 28 Printing Industries of America Awards including 2 awards for the best campaigns under $500 and $1,000 proving that amazing things can be achieved even with a shoe string budget!
  • As a columnist to several trade and industry magazines, Dr Marc Dussault's contributions have appeared across 3 continents and have been published in 3 languages. 
  • Dr Marc Dussault has appeared on local radio and international television programs as a source of technical expertise on a wide variety of subjects. 
  • Dr Marc Dussault is a top 10 World-Ranked Masters Squash Player. 
  • He won a Silver and Gold Medal At the 2009 and 2011 Australian Masters Games respectively as well as a Silver Medal at the 2012 Pan Pacific Games.
  • In 2012, on his 49th birthday, Marc joined the Professional Squash Association tour to compete with the sport’s most gifted and elite athletes less than half his age, once again proving that we are only limited by our own mindset.
  • Espousing a holistic approach to success, Marc has not had a single sick day in the past 20 years!
  • Dr Marc Dussault created a business that went from $0 to delivering $1 Million of online coaching programs in 12 months on a shoe-string budget and NO staff!

Want To Achieve Exponential Results Like Dr Marc Dussault?

Simply click here to contact us now and find out how you can use our proven system to produce exponential results that can catapult your business or your career to new levels of success and financial abundance.


Dr Marc Dussault: A Keynote Speaker
With A Difference!

Whether it's a corporate presentation, keynote address, workshop or a charity dinner, hiring the right professional speaker can set the tone for your entire event. If you need to get people to re-connect, get energised, become customer focused or simple get their own mojo back... Dr Marc Dussault is the speaker for you!

Dr Marc Dussault speaks from over twenty years of experience in business, including as a public company CEO, Global Strategist, Director and Chairman. As a Development Manager of a global software IT company, Marc secured top 50 ASX companies such as TabCorp and Westpac as blue-chip clients. As an entrepreneur, he has raised millions of dollars in venture capital on the NASDAQ and ASX stock exchanges. His pragmatic approach to real, everyday issues is enlivened by a generous serving of humor and captivating linguistic wizardry.

Dr Marc Dussault's customised presentations and workshops are sharply focused and draw thunderous applause and standing ovations. His Business and Internet Mastery programs have been enthusiastically praised by thousands of business managers, entrepreneurs, executives and professionals nationally across Australia and are now expanding to all four corners of the globe. 

Dr Marc Dussault makes sure his presentations and performances are tailored to fit your particular organisation as well as you specific situation and event. His unique, inspirational stories are drawn from exponential strategies that have created over $200 million in wealth for business owners and their shareholders. 

Your audience or guests will be enthralled by a performance that is not just eye-opening but also packed with content they can put to work right away in their careers, businesses and personal lives.

Tailored to help people embrace the exponential mindset and achieve breakthroughs resulting in sustained action, higher confidence and strategic results, Dr Marc Dussault's dynamic, compelling and customised, presentations provide practical real-life insights, experience to attendees. 

With a wide variety of distinguished accomplishments, Marc is able to tap into a vast repertoire of anecdotes, stories and metaphors to instantly connect to his audience and build rapport:


Unleashing The Power Of A Champion's Mindset

Drawing upon his experience as a world-class elite athlete, Marc inserts colourful and meaningful stories and anecdotes from the world of sport into his presentations. As a role model, Marc epitomises the holistic approach that so many seek to achieve with work-life balance.

Inspirational as a mature athlete competing with opponents less than half his age, Marc’s status as the oldest player on the professional squash tour gives him a unique perspective on the world of sport and the power of mindset to overcome physical limitations.

Marc can help your audience discover:

  • How to convert problems into opportunities and reap the rewards of outstanding success.
  • The simple 4-step formula to succeed at everything – in business and in one's personal life.
  • Strategies to chunk-down complex issues into simple bite-sized digestible pieces.
  • How to get three times as much done in half the time.
  • The success strategies of high-achievers.
  • Exponential practices for leadership and fast-track career development. 
  • How to have fun and enjoy work – again.
  • Strategies to achieve work-life balance for peak performance.
  • Timeless strategies to "wow" customers and build enduring relationships.

…and more


Presentations For Any Occasion

Whatever the occasion, if you're looking to hire a speaker Dr Marc Dussault can deliver massive value to your audience as a:

Keynote Speaker

Dr Marc Dussault will set the tone whilst summarising important business issues that have been or are to be addressed during the business meeting or conference leaving delegates inspired and determined to demonstrate exponential business strategies on their return to work.

One of Dr Marc Dussault's unique skills is to set forth a framework upon which delegates and participants can use to weave insights and distinctions into the fabric of the event's theme – often shaking people out of complacency and into action without brash provocation, rather through imaginative, innovative intellectual stimulation leveraging intrigue and non-standard approaches with his unique style of delivery.

Master of Ceremony / Compere

Getting your audience warmed up into a receptive state is as important as establishing the event's cadence and rhythm. When Dr Marc Dussault takes the stage to manage the proceedings, he will use his wit and charm to keep things moving along on time, on track and on purpose. You can choose to have him simply introduce other speakers or select the option of allowing him to inter-weave the various segments into a tapestry that will enhance the delegates understanding, comprehension and retention.

Change Management Speeches

Although Dr Marc Dussault does not engage in Change Management and formulaic ’Team Building’ exercises, he can be the change catalyst you need when things hit a wall and are at a standstill. He can create a provocative breakthrough session that will have participants shocked and in awe without being offended or creating any negative backlash. There is a fine line that only an experienced facilitator can walk. When all else has failed, you might want to consider Marc to come in and re-set the stage and get things back on track.

Corporate Coaching and Mentoring

Where employees need to step up to the next level in their careers, Dr Marc Dussault provides several coaching and mentoring programs to take their Next Best Step be it learning, sales, marketing, time management or public speaking skills.

Presentation Style and Content

Marc is a well-rounded speaker, experienced facilitator and MasterMind facilitator who can extract the pearls of wisdom from any group or team. He can present with professional PowerPoint slides, use props or ad lib in a casual style as well as involve participants in his proprietary Group MindMapping Exercises.

Whatever the situation, Dr Marc Dussault can be flexible and adapt to your requirements and constraints.

Make Your Next Event a Smash Hit!

Dr Marc Dussault's tongue-in-cheek humour and down-to-earth style has earned him a reputation as professional corporate speaker. He injects enthusiasm, knowledge and a uniquely refreshing approach to presentations. Choose to give Marc the opening keynote and your business event is a sure winner. Or have him conclude your event and send your audience rushing out the door galvanised with focused action plans.

In either case, your conference will be extraordinarily successful, your audience will shower you with praise and you will be talked about in corporate circles for months.

With the increasing request to hire more than 'just a speaker', Marc is in high demand with limited dates – Inquire NOW to book him for your next event.

Not just another speaker:

If you're looking for someone to just deliver another 'canned' speech – Marc is not for you. He decided a long time ago not to be like 'everyone else' – to stand out and be noticed for his uniquely and instantly distinguishable style, content and delivery.

His theme is Exponential Mindset Thinking, what he calls Antimimeticisomorphism – having fun doing out-of-the-ordinary things that create extra-ordinary results with the least amount of effort at the lowest cost.

Everything he does revolves around this core idea he has triangulated from the world's top peak performance expert Anthony Robbins, sales and systemisation specialist Brian Tracy and legendary marketing wizard Jay Abraham. In addition, Marc selects from close to 1,000 books and 5,000 academic articles he has read, compiled and assembled in his intellectual mosaic of documentation and research.

Marc can take the most complex issues, strategies and situations and distil them into simple, comprehensible components that not only can a fifth grader understand, but anyone can take action on.

Marc has created his own word – Antimimeticisomorphism – but also his own lexicon to reflect his truly unique and inspirational approach to business, sport and life in general.

Onward and upward!

Dr Marc Dussault
Dr Marc Dussault
The Exponential Growth Strategist